Interest rates came out unchanged today

December 18th, 2013

Good morning!
Interest rate trends: Today – Slightly higher; 10 days – Higher; 25 days – Flat
Interest rate recommendation: Cautious float
Interest rates came out unchanged today even when MBS’s are slightly worse this morning. All eyes are on the Fed statement at noon today which will trump all economic data. Of minor consideration today, Housing Starts came in far better than expected, but Building Permits came in lower than expected. The Treasury just auctioned $35 billion in 5 year notes today, garnering a terrible “D” rating. MBS’s are headed worse that this point, but we are still cautiously floating into the Fed statement at noon. Be ready to lock should the Fed start tapering and interest rates rise. Hold on and we’ll see what happens today at noon. Have a great day!
30 year fixed rate: 4.125% with 4.230% APR.
20 year fixed rate: 4.125% with 4.197% APR.
15 year fixed rate: 3.125% with 3.306% APR.
10 year fixed rate: 3.125% with 3.309% APR.
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