Who is Great American Lending and why use us?

Great American Lending is a local, family owned mortgage company who's owners have over 25 years of experience in the mortgage industry (started in 1989).  We offer a wide variety of mortgage loans with great flexibility which helps our clients (borrowers) obtain the perfect mortgage loan for their circumstances.  Because we have a business philosophy of keeping our overhead low, we are able to keep our margins low and pass the savings on to our clients in the way of the lowest interest rates available today.  We feel that communication is the key to having a great experience in obtaining a new mortgage loan.  We are upfront with everything and communication with you often, often on a daily basis. 

Whether you are purchasing a new house or simply refinancing an existing one, give us the opportunity to give you a free quote, we want to win your business.  Thank you.

Dale Packer Family

Great American Lending Family

Dale R. Packer, MBA, PLM, Owner
NMLS #4493; dale@galmc.com; (801) 391-6566 - UT; (425) 296-1117 - WA

Spencer Packer, Sr Mortgage Loan Consultant & Sales & Marketing Director
NMLS #363407; spencer@galmc.com; (801) 391-2273 - UT; (303) 800-5586 - CO; (425) 296-1117 - WA

McKay Platt, Sr. Mortgage Loan Consultant & Internet Manager
NMLS #428479; mckay@galmc.com; (801) 391-7558 - UT; (503) 616-3006 - OR